Our Story

GiVE CULTURE is a lifestyle brand that was designed to initiate and advocate the culture of selflessness and generosity.  One thing that we can all see around us consistently, no matter our language, our race, our religious preferences, our gender, or our age....

Hatefulness is real! Judgment and discrimination and condemnation are real!! Beautiful lives are drowned by harsh criticism, hate crimes and negativity, every single day!

We as a people need something positive to connect to.  We need something that will hold us accountable and responsible for our individual, daily contributions to the world and to those around us.  We need something in our daily lives that is encouraging and uplifting and that can stand as a physical representation of an allegiance for peace and a positive cultural CHANGE.

We need to change the way we think, and we need to change the way we treat each other. 

We need GiVE CULTURE  

GiVE CULTURE has created a line of garments that are each intended to serve as a positive accountability partner for every person that is willing to STAND OUT with us in the face of hatred and discrimination.  Each garment has a different positive action word on it, along with the word GiVE. It's like putting on a moral commitment to GiVE the best of yourself throughout the day and to see the best in others.

GiVE encouragement. GiVE kindness. GiVE compassion.

The challenge then is to lead with the commitment that you've made by putting on our garment. 

GiVE encouragement to a student.  GiVE kindness to a stranger. GiVE compassion to a friend in need....and so on. These are just a few of the simple ways that you can be generous and considerate.

You'll notice that the "i" in GiVE is lower case.  Because when you are talking about considering others and being unselfish...."i" become secondary...and another person's needs and their feelings become the primary concern.

We believe that every person on the planet has a choice in their attitude and how they affect another person's life.  We believe you're either giving....or you're taking.  You're either giving another person confidence and comfort and self-esteem and joy, or you're taking their confidence, taking their self-esteem, and taking their joy. 

Each GiVE CULTURE garment requires a positive action from a positive place in your heart.  A place that is generous and considerate and selfless. 

Our brand is designed to transcend the barriers of geography, nationality, religious beliefs, and socioeconomic status. It is a brand aimed at ALL humans with a heart for CHANGE!  Every person has the right to be treated well and loved and lifted up.

To GiVE the best of yourself every day, and towards each and every person that you encounter, no matter how different from you that they may look or seem, is to demonstrate to the world what it truly is to love one another. 

GiVE CULTURE represents the process of CHANGE one committed heart at a time.

STAND OUT with us.  GiVE OUT LOUD with us. Choose GiVE CULTURE.